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Sunday School Lessons

Youth Sunday School | 2020

Beginner/Primary Lessons - October 2020

Sunday School Bible Lessons for October - Unit 2: Lessons from I and II Timothy

 Beginner Grades 1-2 | Fall 2020 | Full Color Lesson Plans 
Primary Grades 3-4 | Fall 2020 | Full Color Lesson Plans

Lesson 8  | October 25, 2020

Preach The Word

Paul Preached in the Face of Danger

  • Bible Lesson: Acts 19:21-20:1
  • Bible Point: God Wants Us to Share His Word
  • Experience: Have you ever shared very important news with a friend or family member?
  • Study: II Timothy 4:2
  • Examine: Read II Timothy 4:1-5. Discuss how Paul told Timothy to preach God’s Word in good times and bad times. Then read Acts
    19:21-20:1 and talk about how Paul followed his own advice.
  • Life Application: I Will Share God’s Word!

Lesson 7  | October 18, 2020

Let the Word Do the Work

Jesus Teaches about Jonah

  • Bible Lesson: Luke 11:27-32 and II Timothy 3:16
  • Bible Point: God’s Word is Good for Us
  • Experience: Have you ever needed to prove your identity? What kinds of things do you need to prove your identity?
  • Study: II Timothy 3:16
  • Examine: Discuss the importance of God’s Word. Read Luke 11:27-32. How did Jesus use Jonah to teach His lesson? How did Jesus use the Queen of Sheba to teach His lesson? Did the people listen to and obey God’s Word, or did they just want Jesus to do miracles?
  • Life Application: I Will Listen To and Honor God’s Word.

Lesson 6  | October 11, 2020

Jesus Paid the Ransom

Jesus Delivered Us from Sin

  • Bible Lesson: Matthew 27:45-56 and I Timothy 2:3-6
  • Bible Point: Jesus Came to Rescue Us.
  • Experience: Have you ever been rescued from a scary situation?
  • Study: I Timothy 2:3-6
  • Examine: Discuss the meaning of rescue. Who are some people who rescue others? Read and discuss I Timothy 2:3-6. Then read Matthew 27:45-56 and discuss what Jesus endured that we might be rescued.
  • Life Application: I Need Jesus to Rescue Me.

Lesson 5  | October 4, 2020

Chief of Sinners

Paul Receives Mercy

  • Bible Lesson: Acts 7:54-8:3
  • Bible Point: Jesus Came to Save Sinners
  • Experience: Have you ever done something so bad you thought no one would forgive you?
  • Study: I Timothy 1:15
  • Examine: Define mercy as not receiving deserved punishment. Discuss Paul’s role in Stephen’s stoning. Then read I Timothy 1:15-16
    and discuss why Paul would consider himself the chief of sinners. How did God show mercy to Paul?
  • Life Application: I Need God’s Mercy.
Beginner/Primary Lessons - September 2020

Sunday School Bible Lessons for September - Unit 1: Lessons from Daniel


Lesson 1  | September 6, 2020

Daniel Refuses the King’s Meat

Daniel Chooses to Stay Holy

  • Bible Lesson: Daniel 1
  • Bible Point: God Wants Us to be Holy.
  • Experience: Have you ever eaten something you knew was bad for you, but you ate it anyway? What happened?
  • Study: Daniel 1:8
  • Examine: Discuss what it would have felt like when Jerusalem was conquered by Nebuchadnezzar’s armies. How would you feel to be captured and taken to Babylon? Read the story of Daniel refusing the king’s meat.
  • Life Application: I Will Separate Myself to Please God!

Lesson 2 | September 13, 2020

Daniel Interprets the King’s Dream

The Statue and the Rock

  • Bible Lesson: Daniel 2
  • Bible Point: God is in Control.
  • Experience: Have you ever been asked to do something you knew you should not do? Did you feel nervous and intimidated?
  • Study: Daniel 2:19
  • Examine: Discuss prophecy (seeing the past, present, and future from God’s point of view). Discuss how Daniel was a prophet.
  • Life Application: I Will Trust God to Reveal His Plan!

Lesson 3 | September 20, 2020

Nebuchadnezzar Came to God

Nebuchadnezzar Learned Humility

  • Bible Lesson: Daniel 4:28-37
  • Bible Point: God requires Humility.
  • Experience: Have you ever eaten something that tastes like grass? What would happen to make you eat grass?
  • Study: Daniel 4:37
  • Examine: Discuss what pride looks like. In what areas might we be tempted to take credit for what we did, not giving God the glory? Read how King Nebuchadnezzar was taught a lesson in humility.
  • Life Application: I Will Let God Control My Life!

Lesson 4 | September 27, 2020

Daniel Interprets the Writing on the Wall

Mene Mene, Tekel, Upharsin

  • Bible Lesson: Daniel 5:1-6:3
  • Bible Point: God is the King of kings.
  • Experience: Have you ever had an arrogant and bragging attitude?
  • Study: Daniel 6:3
  • Examine: Discuss what you might do to impress your guests if you threw a party. Discuss how Belshazzar pulled out the goblets from God’s Temple. Read how God showed Belshazzar who was really in control.
  • Life Application: I Will Respect God’s Authority.


Beginner/Primary Lessons - August 2020

Sunday School Bible Lessons for August - Unit 3 Exile

Lesson 9 | August 2, 2020


The People Bring Their Offerings

  • Bible Lesson:  II Kings 11:1-3, 12; 12:1-14; II Chronicles 24:1-14
  • Bible Point:  God Blesses Offerings Given to His Work.
  • Experience:  Have you ever given money or time to help someone?
  • Study: II Kings 12:15
  • Examine: Read II King 11:1-3 discuss how some people choose to stop following God.  Then read verse 12 and discuss what it would be like to be at king at age 7. Then read 12:1-14 discuss how Joash returned the hearts of Israel to God.
  • Life Application:  I Will Give to God!

Lesson 10 | August 9, 2020


King Uzziah’s Choices

  • Bible Lesson:  II Kings 14:21; 15:1-7; II Chronicles 26
  • Bible Point:  God Will Prosper Those Who Seek and Obey Him.
  • Experience: Have you ever chosen to disobey?  What were the consequences?
  • Study:  II Chronicles 26:5
  • Examine:  Discuss how each day, we make a choice whether we want to follow God. Read about the blessings Uzziah experienced when he followed God (II Chronicles 26:1-15).  Discuss how his kingdom suffered when he did not follow God (II Chronicles 16-23).
  •  Life Application:  I Will Seek and  Obey God!

Lesson 11 | August 16, 2020


The Law is Discovered

  • Bible Lesson:  II Kings 22:1-23:25; II Chronicles 34
  • Bible Point:  God Expects Us to Obey His Word.
  • Experience:  Have you ever found a hidden treasure?
  • Study:  II Kings 22:13
  • Examine:  Discuss the importance of the Bible.  Why is it important for people to understand what it says?  Read about Josiah’s reaction when the Word of God is discovered II Kings 22:1-23:25.
  • Life Application:  I Will Obey God’s Word!

Lesson 12 | August 23, 2020


Jerusalem is Destroyed

  • Bible Lesson:  II Kings 24:10-25:21; II Chronicles 36:11-21
  • Bible Point:  God kept His Word and punished His people for their disobedience.
  • Experience:  Have You Ever been Punished for not Obeying?
  • Study:  II Chronicles 36:16
  • Examine:  Discuss how parents love their children by disciplining them.  Relate this to how we are God’s children, and sometimes He must discipline us. Read about the punishment and fall of Jerusalem in II Chronicles 36:11-21.  Discuss how God always warns His children before disciplining them.
  • Life Application:  I Will Keep God’s Word!
Middle and High School Lessons - October 2020

Unit 1 Lessons - October 2020

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Middle and High School Lessons - September 2020

Unit 1 Lessons - September 2020

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Middle and High School Lessons - August 2020

Unit 3 Lessons - August 2020

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